Monday, December 26, 2016

Nose Hill Park December 26, 2016

It was time to fit in a couple of hours of close by "out & about" activity.  You guessed it, off to Nose Hill Park to fill that order.   My hours here would be before the chinook rolled in so that meant many layers of clothing.  Before hitting the trail, I confirmed with the police officer sitting in his cruiser there that things were A.O.K. in the area and he confirmed that was a 10-4.

I had an inviting view to welcome me to Nose Hill Environmental Park.
marking the way
While I was hiking, others were snowshoeing, fat-tire biking, dog walking, sledding, and even X-C Skiing.  I could have used my snowshoes here today.  My very first ever snowshoe outting was right here many many years ago.   It is nice to see this place is well appreciated by so many. 
view to the west
mountain framing
It was quite blustery at times which made for a dramatic look.  
After a couple of hours of wandering here & there, meandering up & down, 
I looked for the way to aim back to where I started trying to incorporate a loop into my day.  
I had success with that finding a route through hills and valleys.  
long shadows
That order was filled now it was time to fill another order...more turkey on that plate please!

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