Friday, September 9, 2016

Cape Split Nova Scotia valley views

Ever since I took up hiking and came upon Cape Split while googling back in the day, I wanted to pay this place a visit.  After reading about Marko's visits and seeing his photos, I was prepared for an OK day weather wise. It seems sunny blue sky days at Cape Split could be few and far between. It was drizzling at the start but I did not care, I was going all the way.
                                               at the trail head
                                             aaah those maple leafs
                              the maple leaves were autumn-like in one section
When I arrived at the opening beyond the forest, the drizzle stopped.  It felt amazing to be here.  I paid attention to all the warning signs but to me it was obvious as to where I should go.  
                      I safely stood where I could capture the visible drop.
                                                            straight down
                            a view off in another direction from the tip of Cape Split
I spent some time here to admire the views and enjoy the peace and quiet.  I owned this place for twenty minutes then it was time to hike the 6 km back to the trail head to catch my ride.  We had plans for sightseeing and lunch so when my ride arrived, we carried on with our day.

                                       view at Blomindin Park
                              the tide is out and the apples are ripe
                                                      at the beach
                                     my version of at the beach
We drove some back roads and they were a treat to b on with ocean views, unique structures, just so much personality to these places.  I founded where all the kale is.  This went on for as far as the eye could see.
                                              another pretty ocean view
When all our town painting was complete, we opted for lounging about.  This is what that looks like. The water was +23 and the air was +26.  More wine sampling was in order and that paired nicely with our down time.
After dinner, we sampled more wine and watched the sky turn from day to night.  The sky was filled with stars and the moon shine bright.
                      We created wonderful memories today that I will cherish.  


  1. Those steep cliffs are dramatic! Glad you got to visit, despite the less than perfect weather.

  2. What a wonderful day and the rain behaved. You wouldn't be in the pool in Banff. Snow on the mountain tops and a heavy fall at Sunshine. Love the moon.

  3. I really miss the ocean! Love the pictures.


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