Monday, September 12, 2016

Cape Breton Bound

My homeland is quite diverse in its landscape and history.  It has been many moons since I stepped foot on the terrain of Cape Breton yet another beautiful part of this province.  While I felt at home the moment I stepped off the plane a number of days ago, today one of the others breathed a deep calming sigh and she declared "I'm home" the second we reached the other side of the Causeway. A true Caper through and through she is.

                                  our first stop to step out of the car looked like this
I enjoy the Cape Breton Celtic music.  To our delight, we entered through the front door to the sounds from a live performance.  I had a jig in me that under different circumstances I would let loose but I contained it.
Have you heard of SaltScapes?  It's a magazine full of a wealth of information for this side of our country.  The Red Shoe had a glowing review, meaning we needed to make this our lunch destination. It is owned but The Rankin Family.  For me it was everything I hoped it would be and I would give a glowing review too.
My cottage friend suggested we pay a visit to the Distrillery.  If whiskey is your wish, this place is a must for you.  I love scenery, manicured ground, streams, gazebos, wooden benches, flowers, this place was a must for me.  
                                                          on the Distillery property
                Inverness Beach is famous for being THE place to find beach glass.  
We spent a few minutes walking the shore.  The wind was wicked and the waves were wild.  I felt the child within come out.  Yup, beach is in my blood.
                               view along the coast in St Joseph de Moine
Before checking into our home away from home, we checked out another home.  This church can be seen for miles and you know you are heading in the right direction for Cheticamp when you spot the steeple.  We pay a visit inside to witness the spectacular architecture.  
                                                      stained glass
It was time to find our place for this night.  What a pleasant surprised we received realizing the location, amentities  and the views out our windows and off our deck.  
I feel so fortunate to have experienced the day we did. It feels so good and it feels so right to be here.  Thank you for this day!


  1. What a great entry into Cape Breton ... perfect weather compliments your photos which I love seeing! I'm pretty sure the rest of your time on that beautiful island will be most special, thinking of you and let us know if the leaves have begun to change yet!

  2. Such beautiful scenery! Glad you are enjoying your vacation.


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