Saturday, September 17, 2016

Black Point Nova Scotia

There is something about Saturday's at the beach.  The early part of our day was full of plans being out & about in the local close by towns.  I was in my glory at the New Glasgow Farmers Market where all things reminded me of my roots.  I didn't know where to focus and was all over the place.  Finally I was told in a polite way to settle down and a suggested plan of attack to visit all of the booths was offered up and we then admired the wares and shopped together.

After supporting the locals, we headed off to Pictou to have lunch at Pictou Lodge.  I savoured my biscuit with molasses butter plus a lobster roll.  Between salmon dinners & haddock dinners, lunch time lobster rolls & seafood chowder, also oat cakes, I am certainly filling my fix for this maritime way of dining.

BUT, I still have lots more beach combing in me to do. With the tide way out later in the day, we got another long walk in before a late dinner.  I picked a focus this time which was to how many different kinds seashells I could find.

         With the tide out so far, we were able to get to spots you can not get to otherwise.
                       With the tide out so far, we were offered different perspectives.
With the tide out so far, we could walk out further.  I watched a beachcomber almost reach Roy's Island.  Me, I preferred to not cross the water.
The wind and tides worked wonders to make this section appear like sand dunes.  If the water and seaweed were not there, one might think it was the desert.
      When the beach grass is blown by the wind, it forms complete circles in the sand. 
                                  oh the geology of it all, sand in the making
                With an hour left of walking still ahead of us, we began our return trip.  
Spending hours on the beach just roaming feels so good for the soul.  I don't take this opportunity for granted, I appreciate every second.  I guess I could say I made sure to "remember to breathe".


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