Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Cape Breton's Skyline Trail

Nova Scotia has a Skyline Trail too, so follow along here and see what their version has to offer.  When I grew up in this province hiking was not my flavour of the weekend so trail names were not in my vocabulary. It was only in the past few years I became aware of the Skyline Trail in Highlands National Park in Cape Breton.  Today was go-time to check out what makes this place so popular.  We're geared up and ready to go and I like how my friends intuitively opt for colourful attire.
We took the loop route to add on a little more distance and to view the ruggedness of the meadowy landscape.  The autumn hues are beginning to present themselves.
                                                           along the trail
                                             a Cape Breton mountain meadow
We reached the main trail which is wide open to everything including wild wind.  At times we stood low to maintain our balance, a couple of times I held on to my friend's pack so we were strength in numbers.  
                                             at our main destination along the Skyline Trail
At the end of the official trail, we had a grand view of forever.  We saw the Cabot Trail that we motored on earlier.  The coast went on and on and on.  The air was clean and clear and fresh.
                              thumbs up to being in this gorgeous place
It was not my idea to do this but I am sure my friends and followers would not believe that.  The idea was put out there and of course I jumped on board.
We had the elevation gain to return back up to the top.  It was a battle into the wind.  Even in this direction, we had views galore.
We passed through a couple of gates which are in place to protect the land from moose and to study the difference between where moose roam and where they do not.  It was pleasing to the eye to see the ocean as the backdrop.
                                                                 nearing the end
As we drove back down the Cabot Trail on our way to Baddeck, we stopped to look back to where we  hiked.  If you look closely, you will see people scattered along the ridge in the center top.  They are mere specks.
                                        a view as we leave this area behind
What a full day of fun, adventure, shopping, dining and loads of laughs.  I am very appreciative I had the opportunity to share this day with these two friends.  It is always fun friends who are the sweet topping to any day!


  1. This was a beautiful tour of such a great hiking location ... when you got to the area where you could see the ocean forever ... it must have been so great! I love the wind but I bet it sure was windy there and how fun that would be too! Photos are awesome and especially your last too ... sure do love the sea! Thank you for posting this.

  2. Just loved our visit here, with wind but sadly scattered showers and as we travelled on to Baddeck thick fog. The moose fence is new too. We saw such a large one here.


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