Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Annapolis Valley Nova Scotia beach to island to beach

While it is well known common knowledge that "Life is better at the Beach", we planned a short get-away to island style for the day.  The 8:00 am ferry picked us up at Caribou, Nova Scotia and delivered us to Wood Islands, Prince Edward Island.
When I am back in Calgary, I head west on a regular basis so it just felt normal and right to be heading west today.  Although the west in the east has a whole different appearance.  Even though, it still felt very right to be here and see what I saw and eat what I ate and drink what I drank.
                   the year the Fathers met to brainstorm on a plan for our country
This part of Charlottetown was everything you think this city would be.  Boutiques, pubs, performers, and even Sir John A MacDonald was hanging around.  
                                              full of history and color
                                                             a pile of doors to open
                                                              to many opportunities
                                                         live plays playing
Even we played.  A little game of chess though.  There was a row of about ten tables, all different colors, each with a chess board painted on it and a container of chess pieces beside it.  Of course, we had to play at the orange table.
                            two cruise ships were at port at Peaks Quay
                          we walked the boardwalk on this hot day 
                                    reflections at the water front
After we painted Charlottetown, we still had time on our side so opted to visit some sights along the way back to Wood Islands.
                                 We drove out to the point to pay a visit to the lighthouse.
                                 it was a few flights of very steep stairs to reach the top
          feeling we were ready to be on the boat, this one would do until it was ferry time
                                                  on our way to the ferry
Our time on the ferry back to our homeland was spent sharing thoughts and feelings of life's happenings.  I truly needed these conversations.  It seemed like in no time at all we were back where we belonged, at the beach.



  1. So beautiful to read this, I love when comments compliment photos to tell the really good story. I love Charlottetown and must plan it in depth for 2017. Well, I must head off to Bedford to meet up with you my friend, and bring you west - to the Annapolis Valley, NS! See you soon!

  2. What a lovely little town! Love the lighthouse! Glad you are having a good time.


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