Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Confederation Park urban ski

It said cold!  It said high windchill!  I said I don't care!

I had a couple of hours to pass this morning and I did not want them to go to waste.  
My vote which was the only one that counted, went to X-C Skiing at Confederation Park.
I had never skied at Confederation Park before so I had no idea what to expect.  Even after googling for info, I came away with not much.  It's a very short drive from home so I went to at least check the place out.  What a pleasant surprise!  
decent tracks, wide open spaces, love scenery, ups & downs & flats
How fortunate are we to have this facility right smack in the center of our city.  I roamed the tracks with no focus nor destination nor direction in mind.  I just went.  A few sections were sketchy, I did need to control my snowplow and got good herringbone practice.  The pace was fast on the downhills and I loved it.  The scenery was pretty to boot.
 This is where I just roamed.
I'm happy to have finally checked this place out.  I am excited for the snow in the forecast for tomorrow because it will make the tracks here even better.  I sense there is potential to become a regular on the X-C Ski Trails at Confederation Park.


  1. How wonderful to have a place to ski so close to home!

  2. I skied there one night when it was -30. BRRR.
    But great place to ski. And close.

  3. Nice! One good thing about living in a city big enough to have this.


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