Saturday, January 9, 2016

Aylmer Campground a new way of seeing

My sister-in-law shared with me some points to ponder which reflect upon absorption, adjustment, acceptance, alteration.  I am learning how to incorporate these "new to me  A  words" into my everyday living.  Being open to experiencing new and learning affords the opportunity for growth.  I am facing each day as it comes, some are difficult and some not as difficult.   Being with friends and embracing my passion even stronger assisted in making today a not as difficult day.

The start for our winter hike to the Aylmer Junction Campground was early, just how I like it.  
The temperature gauge as we hit the trail read -24C, not quite how I like it.  
The scenery from the get-go was pretty, exactly how I love it.  
golden glow as the sun rises higher
We opted to cross a section of Lake Minniwanka right from the start so we would have wide open views.  Further down the Lake, we veered into the trees and attacked a short steep scramble section up to where we intersected the main trail.   The views were obstructed but then opened up as we neared the Aylmer Junction.
at the Aylmer Junction
The Lm8 Campground was our destination and our dining spot. After a short hike through the campground we came out to this wide open space. There was no sun to be found here and it was still frigid so our stop was short, just long enough to fuel up.  
The sun began to rise over Mount Inglismaldie and shone down on Lake Minniwanka and on us.  
rock art on the lake shore
the good ole hockey game
We crossed the Stewart Canyon bridge then eventually made our way back down onto Lake Minniwanka for the final stretch back to our vehicles.  We checked out frozen air bubbles in cleared sections and continued to admire the pretty scenery until........ was time to head home.....
Looking at the elevation profile below, it was an up and down day.  For me when I am "out & about" it is always a day of being up which today was mostly yet I did take time to reflect on those "A" words throughtout the day.  That reflection time allowed me a new way of seeing.  There was much about today to embrace and the frosting on my day was sitting around the dinner table with my friends by a window with a view.  We shared stories of accomplishments and of our goals to come.  

Thank you for today!


  1. Love the wide open views of this frozen lake! It might have been cold, but the scenery sure was nice.

  2. Simply stunningly beautiful. Thank YOU for today!

  3. Gorgeous as usual! Love frozen lakes. Of all those A words, acceptance is the hardest for me.


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