Friday, January 1, 2016

a Review & a Preview

As I begin to settle back in, it's time to take time, to review 2015 and preview 2016.  I like to pick places, pictures or experiences that stood out for one reason or another for each month to reflect on the year just past.  This time around I opted for favourite photos and designed a 2016 calendar to hang on my wall at work. Now, even while sitting in my chair at my desk, I can experience a quick escape with just one short swivel.

As 2015 was a month away from drawing to a close, I verified my statistics to see how I had performed so far compared to previous years.  I knew I would surpass all other years in kilometers traveled yet the total vertical elevation that I gained would be up there but not at the top.  These are the final totals for ground covered in 2015.  I kept track of the X-C Ski digits too but did not include those in the final yearly totals.

2015 was a stellar year for the number of kilometers I hiked and snowshoed.  As each year passes and I am another year older & wiser, I realize I can still go the distance yet at not so quick a pace.  I still conquered many, many summits but obviously not as many nor as high as some other years.  Still, 37.6 kilometers of elevation gain is not a number to sneeze at.  Thank you, I gladly accept that pat on the back.

"OUT & ABOUT in 2016" is up and running and I will be too.  Usually I like to kick it off right on January 1 but it will be a little bit later this time around. I have incorporated one of my favourite colors, memorable places and pretty pictures to this year's edition. I am looking forward to being "out & about" in our vast playground.  

There have been many reminders over the past year to embrace each day and to live life.  That's the kind of resolution I go for.  I try my best to not sweat the small stuff, to turn a deaf ear to negativity, and to smile big & bright at the least little things.  I will continue to make an effort to be surrounded by cheer & color. I love having plans in place.  I enjoy the planning, the anticipation and the execution.  My home away from home is booked and anticipation is building.

with the dawn of a new year, I am


  1. Your calendar is very nice! Of course you live in a gorgeous part of the world, so finding photo subjects is probably not difficult!

  2. Alexandra, you are such a wonderful inspiration with your so positive outlook on life.
    What amazing statistics for the year. Congratulations.
    I've pipped you at the post on hiking distance having accumulated 840 k's. Pretty pathetic really when I think of your elevations, snow shoeing and cross country skiing.
    Our trails don't have much variety but there is always boundless love and laughter.
    Happy hiking for 2016.

  3. Great idea making your own calendar. Love it!


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