Saturday, January 23, 2016

Peyto Great Divide there's no place I'd rather be....

....than spending another day in Paradise!  I have been very fortunate with all things lining up that need to line up to afford me numerous days of feeling like I am in paradise when I have been X-C Skiing this season.  Today was just another one of those days.   I know this sport can be fickle with conditions so while they are prime I am on the bandwagon.

A friend suggested an alternate route to reach the Great Divide Trail.  I have skied the Great Divide a few times so adding a touch of variety was welcome.  How about this as a view in the parking lot as I geared up to hit the Peyto Trail.  Yes, all things were pointing up for an A1 Day on the old 1A.
the view behind me at the very beginning
I was a little confused as to where I was and what I was seeing then realized once I heard the horses whining.  I did not know this area existed.  It's the stables for the horses that take you on the sleigh rides.  It's quite the facility surrounded by amazing scenery.
After a couple of kilometers I reached the intersection with the Great Divide.  My options were to veer west on this track or go straight to the Lower Telemark.  I opted to veer west.  The track was newly set, there was no one other than me and Andrew the groomer, and this was paradise to me.  
a little later along came the dog sled teams
so wintry, so Canadiana, so enjoyable, so perfect 
It use to seem to take forever to reach the border between Alberta and British Columbia, but not today.  After greeting in passing two ladies who came from Yoho, I then owned the Divide that was until a few minutes later when Andrew, my Knight on Shining X-C Ski grooming equipment came along.  We exchanged pleasantries then both went about our day.. 
I headed further west towards Yoho.
Summit Lake & Mount Bosworth
seeing the Great Divide Border from further west
Just like heading west, heading back east passed quickly and I was back at my turn off up Peyto and Telemark before I knew it.   It felt warm, the snow was still cold, I was beginning to feel tired, and now it was all up hill back to the parking lot.
in the meadow along Upper Telemark
passing by the horse stables again
I enjoyed this section of the Peyto Trail.  The meadow was open in areas and sparsely populated with trees in other places.  The lighting and shadows offered up a fitting paradise-like scene, one which was perfect to end my X-C Ski trip on.
What can I say, other than,
Thank You for this day in Paradise!


  1. Thank you for sharing Paradise. Soooooooooooo beautiful!

  2. Those mountains in the stable pic are crazy beautiful.


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