Monday, January 18, 2016

Fairview Moraine Tramline busy taking time

When it's time to just take time, life should not be so busy unless that is, it is the fun kind of busy.  Like I stated in yesterday's blog post, it had been almost a month since I was on my X-C Skis skiing the big tracks further west.  So here I am back at Lake Louise where the weather & track conditions could not be more favourable.  It was a big day which means a big blog post, now it's your turn to take a little time and follow along.

I woke without a track selection in mind.  After checking reviews and reports, I decided to start the day skiing the Fairview/Moraine/Tramline Loop.  This is what it looked like as I stepped into the track. It was quite chilly but not overly cold.  There was no wind, not a sound, nor even another folk.
                                            gigantic snowballs guide the way                            
Along the Fairview Trail there are a few open meadows that offer up mountainous views.  I tested the snow depths off trail and gingerly worked my way in to obtain a location shot.  
     delicate crystals                                         
I have come to enjoy being on the Fairview Trail, it has a little bit of everything I desire in X-C Skiing right now.  It is another world when you empty out onto the Moraine Lake Road.  I use that track as a means to get to another track.  Moraine Lake Road was busy.  Snowshoers, FatTireBikers and X-C Skiers all worked together.  
The trip down Moraine Lake Road was quick.  At the intersection, I veered left and made my way up The Upper Tramline to complete a loop.  The Tramline was the prettiest of the three times I have been on it.
After lunch time sitting in my car admiring Mount Fairview, I walked over to Lake Louise and The Chateau to see the ice sculptures.  On the way, of course, I had to secure a reflection photo.                                                                       
                                                  view through the opening of one sculpture                                 
The location of the sculptures seem to be in ideal places and at perfect angles to optimize photo opportunities.  Or is it just me seeing them that way.
                                                                      a life size Inukshuk
                                                                            a lace frame
                                                                rowing to the summit of Fairview
                               Then you have Mother Nature's ice sculpture.
There did not seem to be as many ice sculptures as previous years.  Some spots remained vacant.  Maybe that is just a sign of the times.  On the other hand, tourists are flocking to Lake Louise.  On this Monday, the area was as busy as any given summer day.

Now it was time to get on with my afternoon down in The Village. The Bow River Loop is a given for ease of energy and bundles of beauty.  Since mid December, I have been X-C Skiing with my new bright orange Osprey Talon 18.  It's a keeper, I knew that from day one.  
Lots of new snow from the weekend, made this track and scenery a delight.  Off the track through the trees are signs along the summer hiking trail. I preferred to pass on seeing what the sign said, rather leaving it looking like this for others to enjoy.
                                                     crossing to the other side
I believe this is campsite #165.  You can see the sign in the middle just left of the snow covered picnic table.  
                                                              along the way
Like I said, this loop is a given for pretty as a picture scenery.  I must admit, this is the prettiest I have ever seen this part of the Bow River that runs through the Village and the Campground.  I opted to stick to the River Loop instead of heading into sections of the Campground Loop for obvious reasons.
Nearing the end and just before crossing the last bridge, one last view caught my eye so I captured it.  A few flurries were beginning to fall and I could see dark clouds off in the other direction.  While this is a lovely sight, so are the dark clouds because they mean one thing, more snow!
               At my home away from home, I settled in with a glass of wine and a view.
I always hope for ideal & perfect when I head west to play but I'm always game to accept what ever I am given.  So after a day like today, all I can say is I never take for granted a gift like this day was, I treasure the time and I am thankful for it.


  1. Oh it was indeed a perfect day! Fabulous winter scenes!

  2. Simply sensational! Just love the heart shape through the ice view and the icy reflection and…………

  3. Those ice sculptures are amazing!


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