Tuesday, April 28, 2015

that's a wrap

It's time to finally put the finishing touches on my Maui vacation which ended on April 18th.  I walked the beach a little later that last morning.  The lighting was different, I guess because the sun was a little higher up, but it was shaping up to be just another day in paradise for others.  I made sure to take in every last second of beauty before heading up to my condo to clean up and pack up.
All they ask upon leaving is that you just make sure all the doors are locked.  I sauntered over to my lanai doors for one last look at that view I had.  This morning's visitors were the breast cancer survivor rowers.   I saw their pink canoe down the beach each day but this was the first time I saw them rowing.  It was a lovely sight that pink in the blue.  
Good-bye Maui!

I made up this map showing the lay of the land and the ground I covered.  
a few of my favourite photos
Everyone I talked to about this magical Island prior to my arrival there, said there is something about this place.  I now know what you meant! 


  1. Paradise found and shared beautifully as always.

  2. We stayed in Sugar Beach 326 as well! Was a wonderful time and Maui is a beautiful place!

    1. Thank you Sara for your comment. Still yet, I cannot stop thinking about Maui! I often look back at my photos. It truly is a beautiful place.


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