Thursday, April 9, 2015

Maui on my mind

I'm living a dream and I only just arrived!  Being on the island of Maui for only a few hours, I am already caught up in everything this place represents.  It feels so good it feels so right.  Right now I am enjoying my lanai with an ocean view.  The glass of Maui Blanc is an ideal paring with the sounds of gentle waves hitting the shore.  The birds are chirping, the palm trees are waving and I am having a difficult time keeping my eyes open. The sun has yet to set though, and I still would like to have dinner.

When I arrived at my sweet "home away from home"  I captured my first destination shot.  I am not high here physically as I am on the 3rd floor, but like I said right at the start, I am living a dream and being in Maui makes me feel like I am "on top of the world".
                                                   This is the view from my lanai.  
I wanted to get my feet wet and have sand stuck between my toes so I went for an hour stroll along Sugar Beach.  This is looking back at my home.  When strolling in front  I tried to figure out which lanai was mine, but I am too new and don't quite have my bearings.  I do know it is on the 3rd floor part way  down.  I do also know it is 2015, it's some day in April and I am living a dream.
                                                         This is my palm tree.
                                                It frames the left side of my lanai.
                                            This is one of my front row seat views.
                                                     This is my first Maui sunset.  
I am not sure what tomorrow will hold in store for me.  I had full intentions of big days every day, but now that I am here I don't know how I will pull myself away from this little piece of paradise I call my "home away from home".  The sights and sounds are enveloping me so we will have to see!


  1. Oh how wonderful! I'm jealous. Enjoy your vacation.

  2. Beautiful. Relax and live the dream as you always do.


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