Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Expensive Sunrise?

On my to-do list for today was to hop the ferry to Lana'i.  When I felt settled in and on track Saturday, I booked my spot and paid the price which you have to do, there is no just showing up.  I booked the not so early ferry because I did not want to have to set my alarm, yet I woke plenty early anyway.  When I looked out my sliding glass doors, the view was appealing, inviting and I just had to go. It didn't have to be for long, just a short stroll south.  
                       The colors were spectacular.  It truly felt like a golden stroll in paradise.  
I got lost in the beauty, and strolled and strolled and strolled. The blue was perfection, the gold superb.   It was pleasant, it was peaceful, it was paradise.   I wanted more so I strolled and strolled and strolled southerly. 
Reality set in when I looked back and had seen how far I strolled. I did an about face and huffed it back to my condo quickly.  Well, I tried to go quickly, but I kept getting interupted by amazing scenery, like this....
                                                                      and this
When I made it back through my front door, it was two hours later and my ship had already sailed.  No Lana'i for me today and no refund. Of course no refund. How does an excuse like "I got lost in the sunrise" sound.  I now had the task of "saving the day' in front of me.  I cleaned up, had a late breakfast, then went for a drive to the marina down the road.  The name of this boat is "Island Danger"!"  Tell me about it! 
Also down the road from me is a bird sanctuary. Visiting this place fit perfectly into my off course day.  Every time I drove by, I saw really green greens and very blue blues.  It looked like a pretty place to stroll.  So stroll again I did, down the boardwalk.
                                                                    It runs parallel to the ocean.


I don't know the names of the birds.  They were fascinating to watch. The sanctuary had a couple of gazebos that offered shelter from the sun. It was quite a nice facility and attracted lots of bird enthusiasts.
I had a couple of hours to fill before darkness set in upon us.  I settled under my tree and waited for sunset.  
    I strolled yet again down my beach as the sun set and came upon these sand castles.
As many hours have now passed since I missed the boat, I'm not feeling so bad.  Even though I paid the price and the sunrise cost me, it was still a priceless sunrise.  I need to wear a watch and pay attention to time.               



  1. Two things .... you found paradise when you went for your stroll and we know you are in total relaxation with loosing track of the time! That's a good thing ... we don't often relax enough to loose track of the time! And you did this is paradise - Bonus! Enjoy the entire time this way and you will never regret. Hugs, your friend in the east, Mary (where snow is starting to melt) LOL!

  2. No wonder you lost track of time. Your bird reflections are beautiful and I love the way you capture your tree each day.


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