Tuesday, April 14, 2015

that Road to Hana

On my second day in Maui, I drove that route around West Maui in a counter-clockwise direction.  It's crazy in areas with twists & turns & no shoulders & one lane. Sometimes all those occurred at the same time.  Once I had to back up on a twist with no shoulder and after that I stood my ground, I was not backing up again.  I made my mind up then and there that I would not be on my own driving that Road to Hana.  I booked a spot on a small, luxury coach with a driver/guide.  Today was the day to hit that Hana highway.  But first, I like finding different things under my tree. This morning six canoes rowed by my tree.
Keoni picked me up in Hoike bright and early.  We stopped for breakfast at a golf course just outside of town before beginning the journey.  The weather was not the brightest so I did not mind being in a vehicle to enjoy the sights.
It was a day filled with color, a variety of scenery types and it was nice to hear some history and see things I would otherwise not know existed.  Turtles are a big thing to see in Maui and today I saw one for the first time.
I learned and saw lots and I cannot remember the names of everything. I will update this post with official names when I am back home.  Keoni was a great guide, stopping everywhere and even going where others would not.  
Of course, we stopped to pick up a loaf of banana bread. While munching on mine, this guy stared at me. 
There were many waterfalls and after awhile they all looked the same to me.  The recent rain made the falls fall with a force.  
                                                      This was almost as tall as me.
                                                            at Black Sand Beach
                                                        peering out the cave 
                                                   view along the way
                                                                  a ship wreck
We stopped at the seven pools but the trail to lead into them was closed due to so much fast flowing water.  This was the only decent shot I could capture.  I had seen enough waterfalls already so was fine with this being all I could see.
                                                          quaint little country church
                                       This is George, as in the monkey Curios George.
                                                     side of the Haleakala crater                  
                                     Our last stop was at the winery where I got to taste.
We were nine hours from beginning to end. I was so glad to have chosen to do this route this way.  For me, it was the only way to go.  It was a jam packed day with so much to see.  Going to Maui and not driving the Road to Hana is like going to Vegas and not gambling.  They go hand in hand.  

I never know what is going to appear under my tree.  When I checked this evening's sunset, a bagpiper was under my tree piping Amazing Grace!  Yes, today was amazing.  Good Night Maui!

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