Friday, April 17, 2015

Kapalua Coastal Hiking

I can't help but wake early and get on with just another day in paradise.  I woke to a sky full of stars and then when the sky began to lighten and the sun come up, I said Good Morning Maui.  With a big pink cloud casting a pink reflection into the ocean, this mixed in with the palm trees, yup I thought just another day in paradise.
As my Kona coffee was brewing, I glanced over a map that has been my go to map, and discovered there is a walk/hike called the Kapalua Coastal Trail.  Perfect, this takes me to an area I only previously drove by.  I parked at DT Flemming Beach and began from there.  Not five minutes after I began, it poured for a few minutes and then cleared just as quickly, offering up this view.
Then about 15 minutes later it poured again for a few minutes and I thought O.K. does this mean another rainbow!  Sure enough!  One lady told me this happens all the time in Kapalua.  That was it for today though. 
I went from hiking on a paved path, to a boardwalk, then onto a dirt trail that meandered through a lava rock section. It was refreshing to stand on the rock (at a safe distance) and feel the mist from the crashing waves.  
                                                     This is a short detour off the main trail.
                                         Just like yesterday, a trail that leads me right out to the ocean.
                                                                  The rock formations are amazing. 
Parts of the trail pass by luxurious looking resorts. The grounds are perfectly manicured, the views are exquisite.  I still prefer my own little piece of paradise down the road. 
                                                                        just another view
So many colours here that just pop.  That rocky outcrop on the right is where folks cliff dive. I watched two guys do back flips and somersaults into the ocean below.
The trail goes from grassy and green, to bouldery and brown.  The rocks are jagged and one section is called Dragon's Teeth.  
                                                                           crashing waves
I came to an inlet where movement in the water caught my eye.  There were two sea turtles, what looked like were a mother and its baby.  I watched for close to thirty minutes. They were rather fascinating and seemed to be putting on a show.
                                                         This was the inlet where they were.  
                                                                  just another gorgeous view
This was an out and back trip.  As I was nearing the end, I took one last look up the boardwalk before heading down through the Ritz Charlton property then back to my car.  I covered about eight kilometres and every inch of the way was breathtaking.  I truly enjoyed this coastal hike and savoured every second.


  1. I love all the pictures and so nice to view early in the morning .. almost like being there. I love the inlet picture where you saw the sea turtles ... what a wonderful journey, thank you for sharing these great photos of your trip.

    1. Thank you Mary! I loved that inlet so just got comfy on a rock and took it all it.

  2. I <3 turtles! My favorite hikes on Maui are Sliding Sands on Haleakala and the Pipiwai Trail....but even better than hiking is the snorkeling! So many up close and personal turtle encounters!

  3. As you say - another perfect day in paradise! Sunrise, rainbows, aqua seas and turtles.


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