Saturday, January 3, 2015

Joy-Start 2015 Day 3 (pm)

After dining, I was ready for two more hours of cold -18C, snow, -25C windchill, all of which when packaged together create that mini polar vortex.  Like I said yesterday, I could see myself snowshoeing or X-C Skiing the Bow River Loop and throughout the Lake Louise campground, I just didn't expect it to be the day after making that statement.  That area would be ideal for today's conditions.  It is protected from the wind element, there are shelters to take cover if need be and there are options to make shorter loops.  On top of that it's just a slide and a glide from my front door. 
There were long stretches where I could slide & glide, a few very slight short inclines & declines too.  All the while, the snow came down and it was like paradise. These are two of the trails I ventured along.
The more I have been doing this X-C Ski thing, the more I am finding enjoyment.  I like that I can even move at a good pace on a flat trail, I don't feel like I am just walking with skis on, but actually smoothly gliding along which I was able to do on this long stretch through the forest.
It was peaceful in this place just like it was yesterday. I did come across two other skiers and we exchanged pleasantries.  Even with the electrified fences open for the winter, I still felt safe.
Once again, the two hour time limit was approaching.  
I could see myself being inside by now.
I aimed for the end and called it another successful joy-start.

Back out in the open, the wind was howling and I looked forward to wine by the fire, by the window with a view, wrapped in a blanket. Even scenarios like that bring joy.  

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  1. What an amazing finale to 2014 and welcome to 2015 you have had. Your photography has been exceptional and as always, transported me across the miles to enjoy your magical winter wonderland and playground.


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