Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cascade Fire Road If only the cascading.....

.....from one Saturday to the next, could be as smooth as my X-C-Ski trip was today!  As this past week went on, my motivation for making something fun, beginning with an "s", happen today dwindled.   Last night when I lay my head on the pillow, I saw what my Saturday would look like. Instead of skate, snowshoe or ski, I would take care of stuff.  I woke this morning with a startle, jumped out of bed and prepared to go about my day doing that thing that began with an "s".  No taking care of stuff today, I headed west with all my ski gear in tow and aimed for Banff National Park, to Lake Minniwanka parking lot which is the trail head to X-C Ski Cascade Fire Road & Cascade Valley. 
As time allowed earlier in the week, I looked to others for a boost of motivation to get out.  When that wasn't working, I checked sites to find that boost.  Early on I did see that the Cascade area was finally turning sexy once again after being out of commission for awhile.  I hit the highway early, arrived at the trail head early and enjoyed the golden morning light on the surrounding mountains.
A few folks fastly left before me and they were soon out of sight.  
I skied and I skied and I skied.   
I enjoyed having the track to myself to practice the proper technique.  
Of course too, I appreciated having the opportunity to safely stop and shoot shots.    
As time passed, so did people pass me.  A few friendly fast folks came along.  I am not sure what prompts people to inquire if everything is O.K.!  Surely I am smiling because I am enjoying this sport, although at times it seems like hard work and I may have a struggling-like appearance.  Could it be I am skiing with a brace on my arm?   
my ski stop shot
I believe I would be correct in saying, I did not ski the Cascade Valley, only the Cascade Fire Road.  I came to a big steep hill that I was not keen on descending, I knew I would have to come back up it and my energy level was questionable today.  I picked my turn-around point and did just that, turned around. On my return trip, it was nice to see familiar faces.  To the side of the track, we caught up on years passed as people passed.  For others, pleasantries were exchanged as were smiles.  

As I was nearing the end of the fire road I took a detour down another trail, not sure where this was leading and seeing more downhill terrain, I once again turned around.  This sport still seems very exploratory for me.  I am continuing to find my ski feet and build up confidence.  Each time I am out, I sense I am making progress.  
I glided back to the trail head ending my day with just as wonderful a view as I started with.      
The kind of "s" day this turned out to be was exactly what I needed.
Scenery setting was spectacular.
Snow conditions were superb.
Sailed on my skis.
Sun shone.
Several smiles!


  1. Simply, sensational, satisfying skiing! Superb day!

    1. Ah, you caught my "s" drift Helen! I am thinking you are in the midst of hot temperatures right about now!

  2. Horrible humidity. Saps all ones energy. We are just back from WA where the temps were 30C plus but dry and pleasant in comparison. Wonderful to be able to watch you enjoying the snow!


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