Saturday, January 31, 2015

Going All The Way

From a collective wish-hope-pray by a multitude of thousands, the snow came!  Waking up this morning then peering out my window and seeing snow, it reminded me of when I was a child waking up on Christmas morning and seeing the best present ever under the tree.  Our plan for today was to X-C Ski and we were in desperate need of cold & snow to make for an enjoyable adventure.  This would be my third time back at The Great Divide and my friend's first time. No matter what, this time I would be going all the way.  I knew I could do it, I just needed a little more time.  

We were fortunate to have a good clear drive from the city limits all the way to Lake Louise and the track-head.  That's what it is called is it not, seeing that we are on a track and not a trail?  This is what we were faced with as we geared up in the parking lot, a view like no other.  
Our first run at hitting the track went awry and we retreated back to the lot, pondering why we could not click our boots into our skis.  After 10 to 15 minutes of trying, my saving grace was the gentleman who then pulled in beside us.  He assisted me with clipping in.  My thought was, am I going to have to leave my boots attached to my skis the same way I leave my boots attached to my snowshoes!

We were on our way!  
Third time's a charm.
Charmingly beautiful.
Of the three, today is the prettiest.
Just enough sun.
Right amount of cloud.
Perfect accumulation of new snow.
What an equation!
We made it this far, we were now ready to hit the home run down the hill to The Great Divide which is the border between Alberta & British Columbia and between Banff & Yoho National Parks.  Posted reports led me to believe that this track had been set but there were no signs of that right from the track-head where we parked.  We skied in skier set tracks, or at times I broke trail and set the skier set tracks.
The Great Divide
My Destination Shot
Nikita's Destination Shot
We veered off to the picnic shelter to dine, entering the structure with our skis on.  I did not want to take my skis off, I did not want a repeat episode of not being able to get them on.  It would be a long walk back.  I savoured my sandwich and tea whilst watching the dogs & sledders circle in front of us.  They were out in full force today and I so enjoy seeing them.  
For our return trip, the sky became bluer 
the track became quicker 
the scenery became prettier  
we smiled and smiled and smiled.  
There was plenty of opportunity to snap shots of scenery without other skiers visible. 
By the time our adventure was ending, the skier tracks were totally set, 
no more need to break trail through that beautiful soft fluffy sweet snow.   
What a glorious day & way it was to say goodbye to January 2015.   Over this month, I have put more kilometers on my X-C skis then I have on my hiking boots and snowshoes combined.  I truly appreciate snow days and my enjoyment for X-C skiing is ever increasing.  
Today was what I wished for, hoped would be, and dreamed of.

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  1. Awesome. I had seen the much need snow had fallen. What perfect timing for you.


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