Friday, January 2, 2015

Joy-Start 2015 Day 2 (pm)

I was expecting the weather to go down hill abruptly as the hours passed but when that wasn't happening, I took the chance and headed out my door after lunch for a hike that started close by, meaning I could ditch driving to the trail head.  I still did pack prepared for the worst.  Well, the worst never did materialize and I thoroughly enjoyed a walk in a winter-wonderland along the Bow River completing the Loop.

I went back to the spot at the Bow River to admire that view again which I captured yesterday but it looked different today so didn't stick around there long. I continued on my way.
There were sections of open water that were a tease to a photographer.  
I played it safe and stayed away from the river edges.
The route follows through the Lake Louise Campground. 
Today it was a peaceful pretty place. 
Eyeing the recent tracks on the trail, I could tell there was a snowshoer ahead and X-C Skiers also.  Both of these sports, I would consider for here another time.  For now, I could only go where snow boots could safely take me.  No off trail, I could see the snow was deep.
The views from the trail were satisfying enough.
As I was nearing the end after three hours
my timing was ideal to witness a true Canadian view.
Back home once again just in time to watch a few flakes fall outside, while I put my feet up by the fire and rest up for more joy tomorrow.

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