Saturday, January 3, 2015

Joy-Start 2015 Day 3 (am)

A mini polar vortex found its way to Lake Louise through out the night.  I needed to alter my intended plan for today.  I was not driving further west on red coded roads and with a wind chill of -28C, two hours outside would be my limit.  I didn't really want to hike the Lake shore again (I just did before Christmas) but it is a safe bet.  There's no denying it was cold, but I got the gear that puts that cold at bay.  

It was a grey day with minimal visibility.  That's when I appreciate pops of color.  Black & White can be dramatic but I like obvious pops. Here a pop, there a pop.  I watched this person for a bit, they seemed lost just standing there and looking round and round and round.  
Others were out experiencing true Canadian western winter activities. 
It didn't take long before the frost built up on my hair.  
I made my way to the far end of Lake Louise and was glad to see that this time climbers were climbing the ice.  I watched for a very, very short while. Today was all about maintaining movement.
On my way back, more and more folks were out and about enjoying the mini polar vortex, there were visible smiles on this low visibility morning.  I did the hour out & hour back and that added up to my limit.  On the way to my car, I eyed The Chateau and yes she does look majestic no matter what.
With only a 10 minute drive from frigid to fire, I didn't bother to delayer.
While a grey day, the falling snow was beautiful.  I wanted to be out in it, so fueled up by the fire place before bundling back up again for some afternoon joy.

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