Sunday, December 7, 2014

the UPS & DOWNS in a Relationship

Every relationship has it ups & downs and today's focus was learning how to get through these when your day is going smoothly straight along and then all of a sudden you are dealt a big up and before you know it, the opposite happens and you are handed a large down.  To reach the top of anything in life, you have to work hard but you want to make sure you have no lasting effect from that work so focus & form are important.   Being capable of making quick alterations is indeed important because we all know, what goes up must come down.  Staying calm and collected will get you through any down affording you to come out the other end in one piece mentally and physically.  Relationships work best when you can display patience & persistence.  

Our morning was spent reviewing yesterday's lessons learned.  

After fueling up and before hitting the hills, I took a little time to build on making this relationship a positive one.  There was a steep small hill close by that I found yesterday so aimed for it to work on those ups and downs.  But, I could not help taking time to admire the spectacular scenery.  I planted my gear then took some shots.
peering down the trail to see what is around the corner
enjoying a few splendid moments before joining the others
We had many ups and downs to contend with this afternoon.  I made an effort to remain positive knowing that plays a big part in obtaining success.  I expressed my concern about potentially facing a big down, but was reminded that remaining focused and choosing a correct option for me, will successfully get me through any downs.   I remained focused on what to do to give myself the best chance of success. 

I came out the other end of today beaming brightly.  
I found pleasure in this relationship once again.


  1. I love this ... it's beautiful and it was so neat to begin my day by reading this too. Keep sharing the photos as I enjoy them so much also. Merry Christmas - an old friend from back east, xoxo ... Mary

  2. May the pleasure in this relationship continue one hundred fold. I want to join you on that road through the forest! beautiful.


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