Friday, December 19, 2014

My Mountain Retreat Day 1

I needed to pass a few hours before checking in later today and with the forecast showing blue sky over The Ink Pots in Banff National Park my decision was set in stone on an objective.  While not a lofty objective, it turned out being exactly what I needed to experience that, escaping from the realities of the big city, feeling.  That feeling set in once I veered right off the main highway and passed through the gate to "away from it all".
I enjoy cool, crisp, fresh, invigorating mountain mornings and I knew I could be in the midst of one of those this December morning at Johnston Canyon which you pass through on the way to The Ink Pots.  The only vehicles in the parking lot were tour vans.  That meant ice climbing would be taking place at the Upper Falls.  

eyeing the ice
 eyeing the frozen falls
 eyeing the guy
After the Falls, the trail is not pretty, but it's only three kilometers through the forest then it opens up and you descend to the meadow containing the pools of water all surrounded by mountains.  Today it appeared exactly how I hoped it would.  
Another thing I hoped for was to own it, and indeed I did.  
That meant the freedom to play as I wished.  

my destination shot
 solo reflection
 at the point of no return
it pays to get this right on the first try
As I was packing up after lunch, a couple began their descent to the area and then a soloist shortly thereafter.  My timing was spot on.  I still took my time for a couple of last looks and then for the return trip took my time too, to enjoy the sights and sounds.   

Now it was time to head to my home away from home.  

I will sleep well tonight.

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