Monday, December 22, 2014

My Mountain Retreat Day 4

It was now time to clip into my X-C Skis for the first time after taking lessons again a few weeks back.  Conditions have not been very good anywhere with the lack of snow but last night and early this morning Lake Louise was blessed with a few centimeters.  That was just enough to make the Moraine Lake Road track ideal for me.
In fact, grooming was in progress while I skied.
He was building the down hill track.
view along the way
I had to delayer shortly into my trip.  The area is sheltered, the sun was beating down and the temperature was hoovering high.  It paid to start on the earlier side as there were only three vehicles in the lot when I arrived.  I had opportunities to stop and capture moments.
my ski spot stop shot
I had only ever been in this area when it is open for driving up to Moraine Lake.  As a beginner, I like that it is wide open.  I like the gentle up hills.  I like how it winds around here and there.  Even though from driving it, I know what is around each corner but it looks different draped in snow.  
scenic sight just off the track
I spent two hours on my skis working up an appetite.  The place to take care of that issue would be Laggan's in the Lake Louise town site.  It was warm and cozy, smelled nice and had that festive feeling.   I was content with my ski and content where I was at this point in time.  As I felt the sun shine in on me through the window with a view..... 
.....I took time to give thanks for everything I have in life!

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  1. What a magical 4 days you have enjoyed. Thanks for taking me along with you again. Snowy vistas, gently falling snowflakes, reflections, frozen lakes, skating and cross country skiing. Wonderful!
    Had I known, I could have watched you ice skating on the web cam I check out each morning. Alas, I would have had to be up just a tad early to match your time.


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