Saturday, December 27, 2014

Present! Gift! Open!

Hhuumm!  Let's see!  Well!  Hhumm, aaahh!  
Today was one of those days! 
It is hard to find the words to properly describe it!
 Or to give it the justice it deserves!  

The forecast did not call for the greatest for Spray Valley Provincial Park.  It was cloudy, dark and on the dismal side for the drive down the 742.  But, we are both believers the day is whatever you make it, and no matter what we were handed, we would make today something.  We geared up and went on our way, not seeing much but grey sky, a tiny bit of a mountain view and snow covered trees.
We opted for the left trail that would give us the opportunity to descend to the gully where we could enjoy some deep snow, some bushwhacking and route finding and just fun in general.  This would eventually afford us a loop too.  We spent some time enjoying this section then when we exited and met up with the main trail WOW!  What a sight!  We knew we were in for something!  
We eyed our destination ahead of us.  We got lost in the beauty and the moment.  You get to learn to appreciate what is around you and the only thing that matters in time is the present.  Right here, right now.  We began to realize considering what we were expecting for today, this was the opposite.  We were handed a gift!   
We glady accepted it with open arms!  
We reached Shark Lake, which was frozen solid and snow covered, and where a path showed us the way across.  We fully unwrapped that gift we received and opened our hearts and minds to let that child within come to the forefront.  Mid lake wonderment!

 "This is what it looks like!" 
We eventually made our way to the far end of Shark Lake and settle in to dine.  We placed the large tarp, spread out our gear, set up our packs as pillows, chatted, dined, laughed, smiled and watched the sky turn bluer and bluer.  We were acknowledging the present and the gift.
our view to the left
our view to the right
our view straight ahead
and to where we aimed after an hour spent treasuring Shark Lake
We bundled up and made our way back across the Lake and into a short section of forest before coming out into the open again.  If we had been a minute sooner or a minute later the timing would have been off to see this jet stream so perfectly aligned with the tree.
There was so much snow everywhere.  
It was time to stick to the main trail and make our way back to the vehicle.    
The whole while we had this in sight.
Hhuumm!  Let's see!  Well!  Hhummaaahh!  Yup, I'm still stumped for words but I am sure after seeing what our day looked like, you know what I mean when I say today was a gift!  Thank you so much in sharing in making today the kind of day it was.  Yes, and that is what it takes, you make your day what you want it to be!  You acknowledge here today and right now, you accept the gift and you open it whole-heartedly!  


  1. Beautiful pictures! Thank you again for such a wonderful day! It was so much fun to play and walk on the frozen lake. It was my first time walking on (frozen) water.

    1. I agree with you on how much fun it was to be on the frozen lake. We owned it!


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