Friday, December 26, 2014

First & Foremost

What an utterly amazing kick-off I had to this new snowshoe season!  "First & Foremost" Chester Lake & The Elephant Rocks & my friends & the weather & the conditions, well I guess it's many firsts & foremosts that made it utterly amazing.    I was so happy friends were game to share their Boxing Day blow-away in the same way I like to.  No crowds for us today and no money spent as our  choice way is priceless.  

With a wide open empty parking lot, we were able to pick a spot right at the main door to our adventure.  It was rather cold yet sunshiny bright.  It takes awhile to gear up for a snowshoe trek especially when it is the first trek of the season, making sure things are secure.  We aimed for the entrance and quickly began the ascent to warm up.  We needed lots of stops to adjust gear & layers at first then we were fine.

With the blue sky and fresh snow, the meadow looked like paradise. 
It's fun to let your imagine play along.
I see an extra-large marshmallow!
I hoped my friends would be in a playful frame of mind today.  After all, yesterday was full of feasting and late nights.  We spread out, got on our mark, got set, and went.  The result was a four way tie.  We were quickly working up an appetite.  We reached Chester Lake and then carried on with the ascent up to....
The Elephant Rocks
We picked a sunny open spot to dine and basque in. I savoured my turkey sandwich and hot tea.  The lunch time view was pretty, it was quiet and thoroughly enjoyable.  One other group owned the smaller set of Rocks off in the adjacent section out of sight while we rocked the main Elephant Rocks.
my destination shot
After a lengthy time spent photographing & playing around The Elephant Rocks, we headed back down to Chester Lake and the surrounding meadows. The wide open untouched spaces were unresistable.  We meandered.  We frolicked.  We dashed here & there.  
a stunning scene as we cross back aiming for the trees
The Fist in the center.  
As the edge of the meadow and just before entering the forest to begin our descent, I took one last look back said my "good-bye" & "see you again".  We looked for safe sections off the beaten track where we could spring along descending through soft stuff.  This made a quick trip down even though we were feeling we didn't want it to end soon.  
This was the perfect kind of "fist & foremost" day.   
It ignited a spark of excitement for this snowshoe season.
Thank you for your joyfulness today!

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