Sunday, June 8, 2014

tug n tote

Today marks three weeks since that hiking accident when I fractured a bone in my arm into enough pieces that the orthopedic specialist told me that is what they call "dusted".  During pre & post surgery, knowing details was too much for me but now I am curious about the screws and plate which are now a part of me. We'll see if I am still brave enough to become more knowledgeable when I have the opportunity later this week.  

Each day I work at making progress.  Daily activities + performed exercises + over-comings constitute my recovery plan which I dub "finding-my-urban-soul"!  Today, advances were made in "finding-my-urban-soul." I could contort enough to get socks on and toe-covered sandals that have a toggle to tug tight.  This meant I could comfortably walk further in my neighbourhood than I could in my easy-breezy sandals.  I strapped my smallest tote onto my back and tucked my GPS into the pocket.  Matchy matchy is on the back burner for now, yet these socks & sandals that I'm rockin carried me closer to my mountain soul.

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  1. Love the 'look'! I can't imagine how you managed to cope so long before seeing the doctor, when your wrist was so 'dusted'
    Sincerely hope it mends successfully.


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