Saturday, June 21, 2014

summer in the city

Never before have sleeping in, grocery shopping, laundry and closet organizing been priorities for a Saturday! That was my plan to ring in this first day of summer.  Well before noon though, unexpectedly, all was said and done.  With energy left to spend, I went shopping for that item called "finding-my-urban-soul".  I had success on Nose Hill!  That item was in abundance there today and I got greedy and came away with more than my fair share.
Each day I have tiny successes giving me reason to celebrate.  Today was ten-fold:  I donned a pull over the head shirt, carried my SX40HS, went off the beaten path and descended a damp steep trail (very gingerly).  Today's celebratory drink was partially crushed watermelon mixed with coconut water.  It was colorful and refreshing, just like my time on Nose Hill! 


  1. All of the patterns in the clouds are awesome! Great photos!



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