Monday, June 2, 2014

lost in my neighbourhood

I have been taking time daily to build up my energy level and to catch fresh air.  For now, I can safely go where flat-sole, open-toe, velcro-closing sandals can take me.  During far back past days of running I spent some time quickly by-passing streets and lanes close by but now I am appreciating my stomping grounds in a whole new light. Today while venturing down unfrequented boulevards, I realized I was escaping cares & worries and found myself lost in the late spring-time beauty in my neighbourhood.  While being lost "out & about" something that came to the forefront of my thoughts was that I am missing capturing split seconds in time.  There have been a multiple of those kinds of seconds even close to home.  Until I am able to manage that again, I can still......

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  1. Great news. Its so true that we often forget to enjoy what appears to be mundane. Happy walking!


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