Sunday, June 29, 2014

driving to recovery

Another aspect to overcome on this road to recovery is building up my time behind the wheel.  The forecast for this morning was fabulous so I aimed for west, to the mountains, to a pretty place, to views with much meaning, to what would be a round trip of 190 kms.  Today's test drive destination was Forgetmenot Pond.  It was a picture perfect place to enjoy breakfast and the view.
There were two other reasons I aimed for this area.  
I wanted to eye two specific hiking objectives.  

Forgetmenot Ridge

It looked grand today just like I remember it to be. 

I have a dream for this Ridge.  After a trip up there last year, a friend and I discussed a plan for this summer which I have not forgotten.  My hope is to be able to live out this dream but it will take lots of work. 

Prairie Mountain

Looks like a star alignment for those up there this morning.

I was curious as to how I might feel seeing and being near this Mountain for the first time since my accident on it.  When I saw it, I thought what a lovely view, it looks so inviting, I will be back one day!

With the test drive complete and feeling no worse for wear, it's time to walk the talk, or should I say, hike the talk.  

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  1. Awesome blue skies, great news, looking forward to Forgetmenot Ridge.


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