Saturday, June 28, 2014

almost deja vu

Just like last Saturday, I ended up with more time on my hands today than expected.  Last Saturday I completed what was on my todo list early,  today I could not be bothered accomplishing my todo list.  I'm not sure when what needs to be done will get done and I don't care either!  Monday to Friday is back to normal and I am concentrating on getting Saturday and Sunday back to normal that's what I care about right now.  While only on a hill today, it was a great place to start incorporating elevation gain into "finding-my-urban-soul".  I aimed for hills here and there and when I came across them, I completed hill repeats. 
clouds were dancing again today
the bush bottoms caught my attention
big sky country
seeing forever
in the middle of the city
A little while back, a few friends joined me on Nose Hill and we came across this massive collection of water which I dubbed Nose Hill Lake. I specifically went in search of it today and, voila!
After two hours and completing a few loops of various sizes, and making a good dent in my first elevation gain concentration, I hit the road home. After freshening up, then it was time to refreshen the taste buds with a mix of coconut water and slightly blended watermelon.  
today's route
The outcome was positive after x-rays and a visit with the surgeon this week. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and the light is bright enough that it's time to start counting sleeps.  In the meantime, more elevation gain work is needed as is being behind the wheel for longer sessions.  Stay tuned!           

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  1. wow, I've never seen so much water in the quarry before. Might have to go up there soon!


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