Saturday, December 14, 2013

Snowshoeing in Autumn

Shark Lake, also known as Maruska Lake, was today's destination objective.   Other objectives were to capture some great photos, enjoy the company of friends, get my fill of  fresh air, and of course "remember to breathe". I can place a check mark by all those objectives except one, an ideal picture taking forecast was not on our side and also this trail is mostly tree lined.

The first day of winter is approaching although it feels like it has been winter for ages.  Even with all the autumn snow, the trail was easy to find.  Someone had been previously on another day to break trail.  The trail was also ribbon lined with branches sawed off for a clearer way, all this giving it the look of being official.   
Seeing the mountains and Spray Lake through the trees was a tease!  I was hoping for a wide open view but this was the best the area had to offer.  I dearly wanted to be on the other side of these trees, but that will have to wait for another day.
On our approach to Shark Lake, the clouds rolled over us, dropping a few flakes of snow.  Visibility was low.  I wonder what this place looks like in the summer?  Before heading into the trees for shelter and lunch, I took care of getting my destination shot.
I had company on board today!
Tis' the season!
On the return trip, I went up slope to see if it offered a clearer vision.  
I could see Spray Lake was frozen and not yet snow covered.
Mother Nature's sculptures were visible on the ice!
I was glad to finally see what this snowshoe trip was all about.  Lately I have become picky on where I spend my time when I am out and about.  I will probably not do this exact trip again, but I will definitely be back to the surrounding area.  

I am always thankful to have fun friends to share days with.  We commented on have fortunate we are to have Kananaskis right at our door step.  The Smith Dorrien was in the best winter shape I have ever seen it.  The snow was fabulous for this autumn day so I say "bring on winter"! I'm ready!

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  1. I'm looking forward to your winter expeditions. Today was a lovely intro. I particularly liked your 1st pic!


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