Saturday, November 30, 2013

Here, Then There

Today was a big purposeful day and it all started here along the Powderface Pass Trail. The temperature was perfect, the trail was ideal for hiking, the sky made way to blue and on top of all that, folks were all in a celebratory frame of mind.
We slowly worked our way towards the main intersection and once there took a little time to show some spirit.  After that, some stuck around, others forged on to the Pass.  My goal was the Pass where the views were wide open and you could see how Nihahi Ridge stretches from end to end. 
Not quite sure what got into me today. 
My summit shot came out of no where.
After a quick lunch and a quick summit visit, we very quickly and very quietly made our way back.  A pack of snowmen greeted us back at the main intersection.  Those that stuck around were obviously very busy.  These three snowmen belonged to a group of about eight.
After acknowledging the work put into this pack, once again we very quickly and very quietly made our way back to the trailhead.  I sensed my group was done with the "Here" and already focused on the "Then There" part of the day. 

NOTE:  We were warned but I never expected the scene to be as bad as it was.  The scene was fresh, a lengthy struggle was apparent and it was disturbing to see.  It was a reminder that even on the edge of winter, so close to home, along a busy trail, nature still takes its' course.  While the sign says possible bear, cat prints in the snow were obvious. 

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  1. Love the snowmen. Question just came to mind - why are they not snow women?


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