Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 was...2014 will be...

It's true, you get better with age!  In the four years that I have seriously been "out & about" 2013 was a record year for distance (hike + snowshoe) travelled at a grand total of 816 kilometers.  This beat out 2010 by 5 kms.  I came in short on total vertical elevation gain though.  This year was 39 kilometers compared to 43 kms in 2010.  2013 was such a fun year, making new friends, adventuring to new places, pushing boundaries and taking more time than ever to "remember to breathe"!

I am excited for 2014! 
My chart is ready to begin filling in! 

I hope 2014 will be a year filled with fun adventures for all of you.  It can be if you want it to be!  Why not find some way to track your statistics?  Set goals for yourself.  Seeing the numbers grow can be empowering! But do remember, it is not all about the numbers.  Take the time to "feel the moment" and "remember to breathe"!  

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  1. Wonderful photos. I have been on trail around Blueberry Hill but never ventured up. Your summary has put that on my bucket list. Excellent post and exciting plans for 2014. Best wishes and stay safe. Thanks for sharing. I am nearly caught up from last summer and sufficiently healed up. Time to snowshoe. Skiing may be out for a while longer but, like you, exciting plans for hiking in 2014. You are far more organized than I.


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