Thursday, December 26, 2013

Snowshoe It Off!

I knew I would need Boxing Day to be a day where I could rejoice in a different way then I would be on the 24th and the 25th!  The plan in place was a snowshoe outing to Rummel Lake to "snowshoe it off".  Snowshoe off the turkey and the wine to make way for more of these festive things.  I was glad to have a few friends keep me company.

I have never been to Rummel Lake under blue sky and sunshine and it looked like that could happen today with the forecast that was in place.  But alas, that was not to be, once again.  Yet, snow covered trails, trees, bushes and mountain peaks are pretty nice looking under any sky.  
along the trail
We arrived at Rummel Lake in well under two hours.   This was my quickest ascent.   A bunch of my friends seemed more focused on the destination than the journey.  I guess I still have some lessons to teach about "remembering to breathe".
my destination shot
After capturing my destination shot, I found a spot to settle down for a turkey sandwich and tea. My choice spot was out in the open with a clear view of Mount Galatea.  How pretty she is!  There were open areas of water near those trees so we safely stayed back.
On the return trip, we had a clear view of Spray Lake and Mount Fortune.  
The clouds still hung low so distant mountains were not visible.  
Eyeing this area, I am looking forward to exploring over there one day soon.
When the trees became sparse and where the snow was untouched, it was time to let the child within come out to play, with reckless abandonment.  I was happy to have a few others stay back with me to partake in this pleasure.  

run with glee
help I can't get up
loving the best part of the day
The snow was perfect.
The temperature was perfect.
I tried to prolong the ending to this day! 
But, it did come to an end….
….and this day only ignited the fire within to…
…get right back out there!
Stay Tuned!


  1. The 'Down Under Girls' had a walk it off. Started at 5pm because of the heat.

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