Sunday, December 29, 2013

"Out & About" One Last Time

When I went to bed last night, I had my tallies for 2013 all firmed up.  Then, when I woke this morning, I could not let the year end without being "out & about" one last time.  I quickly got into ship shape and headed out the door.   As early as I was, it was not early enough to beat the bus tours to the trail head.  I knew though that they would be moving at a touristy pace and I could beat that by a land slide.  In no time at all, I was the leader of the pack.

I made my way to the upper falls and watched the first group of ice climbers go about their business.
digging in
(I'm sure there is a proper name they use for this.)
see him tucked in there 
an overall view
I stopped in again to see their progress on my return trip.  I always thought this looked like fun.  The ice climbers are a big attraction here.   We are so lucky in this part of the country to have access to so many activities to keep us happy during the long, cold winter months.
Still with no tourists or even locals in sight on the trail yet, I went on my way towards the Ink Pots.  No foot prints to be seen, it was looking like I was the first.  Even at the intersection with Moose Meadows,  there were no signs of recent activity since the new snow.  The snow began to fall, the closer I got to the Pots.  It was such a pretty place to stroll around.  Reflections in winter can be had here. 
I just want to feel this moment!
It was very peaceful being the only one here.  I had the run of the place.  There were no distant views to be had today but the close ups sure made up for that.  I hiked across the meadow but as I did, the snow got heavier so did an about face and return to the Ink Pots.
my destination shot
I keep looking at this photo in my album.  It seems so dark and cold which is so totally opposite to the feeling you feel standing right where I was.  I think this could be my favourite photo of the day.  It has so much more meaning then just what you see right here!    
Good-bye 2013!
What a year!
Like I said before, my fire has been ignited…
…and I am so looking forward to 2014!
Stay tuned!


  1. Wonderful winter images at the Ink Pots, Alexandra. Amazing ice climbing opportunities this season. New routes have been created by June 2013 flooding and some of the accesses are modified or compromised. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you a fabulous and safe wilderness adventure year in 2014.

    1. Thank you Barry for the compliment on my photos and for the wishes for 2014. I still think maybe one day we will cross paths when we are out there.

  2. Stunning images. So glad your year ended on such a high. What is the time delay on your camera's self timer? Mine is 10 secs and I just can't see you getting into position [the 2nd position especially] in that time, in the snow and be calmly posing. Would soooooo loved to be with you this day.
    Best wishes for a safe happy adventurous 2014.

    1. Helen, HaHaHa my timer is set at 20 seconds and I ran fast to that spot. I may be able to set it for longer, I should check that out. When you come back here for a visit, I would be happy to share days with you in the mountains.

  3. Thank you Alexandra. That would be wonderful. Fingers crossed that it does happen sooner, rather than later. I often muse on where I would hike and what season.


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