Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Thrilling Kick Off

Ya gotta know because my mountain passion is so strong that no doubt I would ring in the New Year in a mountain related way!  What a thrilling kick off it was starting at 9:30 am on January 1 instead of  the night before.  "I found my thrill" on Blueberry Hill!  A few friends who are just as passionate joined me in this celebration snowshoeing to the summit of Blueberry Hill and more.  

No one had been recently so route finding skills came in to play.  Luckily my friends were top notch in that category.  I do have a perfect GPX file of the route if  you are so inclined to want to venture into this territory.  Where you enter the forest is not obvious unless someone has been recently and there has not been a new snowfall.  Pink ribbons are scarce along the way.  Breaking trail, in deep snow, on a steep slope, for almost two hours is quite the work out but so worth it when you arrive at the picnic table and have this right before your eyes!       
My summit shot!
I found my thrill!
On Blueberry Hill!
We spent close to an hour on the summit dining and playing.  The sun felt good, the view was amazing and my friends were fun.  I didn't want to leave but after close to an hour of owning the summit, the skiers began to arrive.  We believing in sharing so packed up and made our way down Blueberry Hill.  For a good couple of kilometers we followed along a trail like this.  At the end of this trail….
…. was this!  The wide open intersection with an inviting meadow.  A few accepted the invitation and the meadow did not look like this after all the frolicking.  We just could not resist!    
We aimed for the Elk Pass Trail that follows along the creek.  
The pillows of snow were out of this world.  
It looks so dreamy!
After the dreamy pillowy section, we had one last steep climb.  
I was beginning to feel depleted.
 But I knew it was all fun down hill once we got this behind us.  
The long last stretch is all downhill right to the very bottom.  The snow was soft, untouched, about knee deep and perfect to run down the hill through.  I ran and I had a thrill!  I was glad it was over with when it was over with.  Total depletion!  Even though I was depleted, it was pleasantly so!  
This turned out being just one of those days, you know, just one of those days!  The right mix of fun friends, perfect snow conditions, ideal weather forecast and attitudes that were spirited all this nicely packaged together made for a memorable thrilling first day of a brand new year! 


  1. What a grand start to your adventures in 2014! Magical, as I sitting sweating in front of the fan, avoiding the 40 C temperatures outside.
    We did walk the Wynnum foreshore last night, starting at 6 pm but the temp was still 30 C.

  2. Thinking of giving Fats Domino a call to join me on a snowshoeing mission up Blueberry Hill. The publicity potential could be huge. Or, I could solo it and enjoy the peace and harmony of nature. Another excellent post as usual, Andra, and a great beginning to 2014. Maybe see you out there one day. Take care and stay safe.


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