Sunday, January 31, 2010

Running & Blogging & Summary

Sunday morning means running for me! From the looks of things this morning, it means the same for hundreds of folks. It didn't matter that is was -12 C with a -19 C windchill and icy flurries flying about, we runners are tried and true. Not only were the flurries flying but we seemed to be and so was time! By "we" I mean Karen! She has been a Facebook Friend and Blogging Buddie for a couple of years and this was the first time we ran together. Blogging has been fun, I have learned lots from others and it seems like therapy at times. It's even more rewarding when you get to share face to face time with those you blog with. Thank you Karen for your company this morning! We met at Edworthy and did a back & forth, out & back covering 10km which was the plan. 1:11:43 later we completed the task. We had lots to chat about and going at a pace of 7:09 min/km it was easy to say what we wanted to say.
A month of 2010 is over already! Where did the time go? Well, I can show you where it went for me when it comes to my activity pursuits. Here it is!
I won't have anything to report on biking for a few months yet. I'm just not into winter biking. I am happy with my hiking and running. The snowshoeing kilometers will come but when you get the opportunity to hike in January you just have to go for it. It makes the winters seem shorter. I need to work on finding time to skate.

I'm looking forward to February!


  1. Thanks for the run this morning, Andra! I think the thought of doing more of those will motivate my training the rest of the week. Thanks for inviting me out to run in the snow.

  2. That's great you got to run together! It sure is nice to have company on those runs.

  3. I still just love where you get to run and that you get out there, showing us all that winter be darned!!

  4. It is tough to get motivated to get out when it is that chilly and that nice icing sugar snow that was on the ground disguises the ice so well. We went out to run 7 or 8 and once we were out it felt so good ended up doing 14.


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