Saturday, January 30, 2010

No Need For Guns a Blazin

I arrived at the the trailhead of Gunnery Mountain prepared to have all my "guns a blazin" because I was going to get to that summit come hell or high water! You know when someone tells you not to do something it just makes you more determined to do it! Advice from supposedly those in the know was that this would be an unsafe place to go during winter months. Heck, there was no hell and there was no high water! There was no snowshoeing or scrambling either. It panned out to be a fairly easy mountain hike. Yet still, a most enjoyable day!

The weather was warm but cloud cover hoovered over us all day. It made for an eyrie experience! The area had been totally burned by a massive forest fire many moons ago. Signs of that still exist! The mountain scenery wasn't there today but was replaced with unusual tree growth which caught my attention.
Could those folks who are supposedly in the know and deemed this place unsafe, have been talking about being spooked by what lurks during a full moon? We did sight numerous cougar tracks and other undefined large animal tracks which appeared to be more deer-like than cat-like. Every now and then, I did sense an eyrie feeling when I saw scenes like these!
Even though there were signs of a massive forest fire, regrowth did exist! We saw bits of color here and there. Although, the brightest color today came from everyones' hiking attire. We lit up the place, where the sun didn't! Gunnery Mountain is alive!
I certainly felt alive! I'm thankful others are game to go where even others would not dare! We didn't have to take chances. There was absolutely nothing to deter us, to scare us or to put us in danger. We climbed trees and even played in the trees. We had fun in the deep snow at the top and we even accomplished a little bushwhacking which always delights my heart.
So, no guns a blazin for Gunnery! This mountain is open for business! When we finished up around 3:30, I felt sad that it was over but realize this one has to be over so I can start the next! I can hardly wait until I get that opportunity again to feel like I am "on top of the world!"


  1. My son and I were admiring the full moon last night from our window - it was beautiful! Isn't it nice to know that even if we are half a world away from each other we can all still see the same gorgeous moon?

  2. I always enjoy the atmospheric photographs! You really have an excellent eye!


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