Sunday, January 24, 2010

In search of my way... running way that is! I have been struggling with motivation and direction for some time now when it comes to a running routine. One of my resolutions for 2010 is to be a social runner. I use to be a great one! The past two years it has been predominantly solo. I'm questioning if solo is what works best for me!

Yesterday I met up with a new group for my Sunday 10&1 run. I picked the slower group to run with which was suppose to be over a 10 minute mile which would be a 6:10 to 6:20 minute kilometer. After all, this is suppose to be my LSD (long slow distance) as I start to build for the Police Half Marathon the end of April. I started off with the slower group and kept up with them for maybe a minute. That was about it! They bolted like there was no tomorrow. After a few minutes I caught up with them, I was curious what their pace was. It was an 8:50 minute mile which equates to a 5:30 minute kilometer. Holy! To non runners it may not sound like much of a time difference between an 8:50 minute mile and a 10:00 minute mile, but believe me, it is significant! Very significant!

I could not keep up and I didn't want to keep up. I decided I needed to do my own thing if I wanted to be capable of going on. I ran my pace and can keep it very consistent which is easy to do when I'm wearing my 305. The pacer for the slower group ended up waiting up for me and running with me and didn't mind sticking with me when I said I don't mind running alone and I didn't want to hold him back. I ended up being the pacer for him and I.

Today's run was 7.8 kms in 49:02 with an average pace of 6:17 min/km which is about a 10:04 minute mile. This was my intention for today's run right from the get go and what I had thought would be the slow groups pace. I am not sure if this group is the route to go for me but I may try it one more time. I am very particular about my pace and may find solo will be the route.


  1. Sounds oh too familiar... I am quite a bit picky myself especially when it comes to LSD's. Long/SLOW/distance, and that is what I follow. I have been with a few groups and I always end up on my own because they just pace too fast for me. I would like to have the chance to run with a group but I have just always ended up solo for just that reason.

    Give it another shot though, maybe someone 'needs' to be back there for someone who is afraid to take that step and slow down a bit, or just maybe someone else may join up because you are there...

  2. Alex, I found when I ran on my own for a long time, I just got too complacent and too slow.

    My advice....Keep going for the social run, it'll change up once the distances start getting longer, you'll find that more people will want to "drop back" to a more reasonable pace...this happens all the time....

  3. Wow, that is a huge difference in pace!! I have a hard time finding people to run with too, but every once in awhile it is okay to meet up with someone a bit faster just to push you a bit.

  4. I have never run in a group, but I would be afraid of what happened to you - although Laurel is right, perhaps a group would get one to push oneself a bit more than being complacent with the usual slow pace. I don't know. Perhaps it's a good challenge!

  5. Your LSD pace sounds just where I should be. Where is this group you ran with? and how far are you going in the next couple of weeks? Maybe I could come and join you for a Sunday run or two and see if I can keep up to you.

  6. 6:17 min/km: You really did a good training.
    I think it's better running with other people. I don't like running on my own.
    Have a good training again.

  7. I head to a running room store on Sunday Mornings to join a group for LSD's. There is usually a group that runs around the pace / distance I want to run. Stores like Glenmore and Kensington usually have tons of groups.

  8. That's exactly the reason I mostly run alone, pace. I'm slow compared to most runners. Plus, I find the whole getting a date, time, place thing sorted out to be a bit of a pain in the behind. All I have to do now is figure out what to wear, put my shoes on and go. I can run my coach's plan as best I can, and not have to worry about tracking someone else, or keeping up my end of the conversation. I'll see you at St. Pat's maybe!

    I forget who's blog I got to here from.


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