Saturday, January 16, 2010

All in a Day's Work

When you are asked to show up with a smile and to come ready to explore, you have to know you are in for some kind of adventure!  This was what Adventure Designer asked of us and we delivered and she delivered!  We headed southwest of the city in the general direction of Longview which just so happens to have a wonderful playground starting at the Sentinel Day Use Recreational Area.  Just 500 meters down and across the road we began our adventure up Grass Pass towards Bull Creek Hills. 

I picked the title of "All in a Day's Work" because at times it felt like work.  Although, you can't really call hiking in mid January in Alberta with a temperature of +5 degrees Celsius, work! While enjoying the heat from the bright sunshine, we did have some attacking and conquering to do.     

I certainly worked up an appetite and was very thankful by the time we reached a high point, with views where we could see forever, as our choice spot to dine.  We all needed to refuel for what work was still ahead.  Although our work, and our attacking and battling and conquering was nothing like other battles that obviously took place on this playground.  Or should I call it a battle ground!

When you come out the winner on a day like this, I can't help but jump for joy.  I still need to work on getting physically higher off the ground.  My mind was certainly at the right height though.    

How could you not be on a natural high when you are surrounded by scenery like this!  We could see Holy Cross Mountain, Banded Peak and Mt. Head plus other ranges off in the distance.

Today's adventure took a full six hours with the last few kilometers finding us scurrying, bushwhacking, slipping and sliding to make sure we were out into the clear before the sun set.  Every one delivered today, us, Adventure Designer and even Mother Nature.  In this part of Kananaskis, the mountains are not the highest but that didn't make any different because I felt like I was "on top of the world!"


  1. You certainly enjoyed this adventure while you were surronded by mountains' landspape.
    The photo of Holy Cross Mountain, Banded Peak and Mt. Head is wonderful.

  2. wow, awesome pictures - I love the one of you holding up the boulder - made me laugh!

  3. Cool! I wish I'd been with you guys. No, I didn't see you or hear you call out to me! I wish I had. Glad you had a great day. :)


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