Saturday, January 9, 2010

Amazing Race

It was an "amazing race" because it was an amazing time! In a fun way the time was, not in a speedy way. For a few years now I have wanted to try one of the Calgary Roadrunners cross-country races and it finally happened today! Thank you to Karen who is a member of the Calgary RoadRunners for keeping me posted on the events and sending along invitations.

This is where the race started which is near the corner of Beddington Blvd and Beddington Trail. How fitting my first X-C race begins at a birth place, because I see today's event being the birth of a new found interest.

I got there early so I could register and then check out a portion of the route to see what I was in far. We were in wide open spaces with no protection from the chinook winds. See the Chinook sky behind me? Chinook winds are suppose to be warm but they sure didn't feel that way.

I felt intimidated looking around me at the start line seeing the gear on some folks and the footwear too. I realized I should be near the back of the pack, so back I went. I was thankful I wore my Spikys. We ran through snow, slush, over ice, up slippery hills and down the other side. It was a true cross country! I didn't need to be as far back in the pack as I thought because I was able to pass numerous others along the route. I learned not to necessarily follow the fellow in front of me. I wanted it to be as true cross country as it could be and I did cross over one creek but missed the second one. The fellow I followed preferred the bridge route instead of the creek route. I will know better the next time!  Thank you to Dawn Henry and The Calgary RoadRunners for getting a shot of me in action.

It was hillier than I expected and I had to walk up a couple of the bigger ones. I am sure once I am back on track with my running and snowshoeing then the hills will be a breeze.

The options for today's race were 4km or 8km. I picked the 4km as my ice breaker. My 305 measured a distance of 3.79km and it took me 30:49 to cover that distance. I'm not surprised at the slower pace, you would understand if you saw the route and the trail conditions. My average speed was 8:07 min/km and my best speed was 4:31 min/km. I know where that occurred! I'm not sure of my finish placement but that should be posted soon.

It felt so right to be running cross country! It felt like home!


  1. This sounds so cool. Good for you! I thought the "Chinook" winds were bitterly cold first thing this morning, but they got better throughout the day!

  2. I knew you would like this kind of race - it fits so well with your outdoorsy pursuits!

  3. Wow, that is amazing - how cold was it? Love the action picture of you!


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