Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Three R's

Rawson Rain Rainbows

Today was so pretty, it could be a calendar photo on a page in my books! Tuesday, August 11, 2009 marks the day I made it to Sarrail Ridge where I got to look down onto Rawson Lake, Upper Kananaskis Lake, Lower Kananaskis Lake and Hidden Lake all at the same time.
Our first destination was Rawson Lake where it allows Sarrail Ridge to reflect in its greenish blueish waters. We started out in sunshine, not a single breeze and 16 degrees Celsius. How perfect is that! Our trip up to the Lake was quick, the quickest I have ever done it, but yet, it was a comfortable pace.
When we arrived, it was definitely a picture perfect spot! After a few shots, we carried on around to the backside to stop for a fueling snack for the gruelling slog that faced us. You can see where we hope to go, and the trail up follows the gully. How lush! How green! So pretty! So tough! This was the steepest I have ever hiked, not including the scramble stuff I have done. I had to stop every few minutes to catch my breath and to look behind me, never forget to look at the beauty behind you. We covered about 350 meters in approximately 1.5 km. So glad I had my new boots on, they brought comfort, support and confidence. On the return trip, we got our wildlife fill for the day, this moose!

We had a few sprinkles as we reached the top! So glad we did because if not for those, I would not have this rainbow shot to share with you. We chased rainbows! They were all over the place! They grew and grew and we watched them! They seemed alive!
Before settling down for lunch, I got my summit shot taken care off! Have I started something? Others wanted summit shots too, even those who have dared not to go there in the past! How can one resist!

After lunch, we geared up and were ready for the descent. Gosh! It seemed steeper going down so I stuck to the big rocks in the gully and at times trampled on the grass and flowers only to avoid the path that was now becoming slick due to sprinkles that were turning to rain. I did take two tumbles but had quick recoveries, not even sure if anyone noticed!

Just past Rawson Lake, we ran into a large group that warned us of a mother grizzly with her two cubs that were along the switchbacks. We regrouped, decided to stick very close together, we had our bear spray ready along with a bear banger and air horn. But our best defense of all, was lots of loud talking and singing. It's funny where conversations go when you really don't have anything more to talk about but you need to talk! The only sign we saw was tonnes of very fresh bear scat, the freshest I have ever seen. Not sure that is anything to brag about!

I was absolutely drenched by the time we made it back to the trail head. My new Styngers kept my feet dry and my jacket kept my upper body dry, other then that, I felt like a drowned rat. You know what? That still beats laying on the sofa at home watching TV!

I so enjoyed today! I want more days like these because they take me so high that I feel like I am "on top of the world!"

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