Monday, August 3, 2009

Highline Trail, Montana

How fitting that the highlight of my trip should happen along The Highline Trail!

This is it! I'm at the top of a mountain getting to look down the other side to where I played by the glacier lake yesterday! Just yesterday I sat by the lake looking up to this spot in awe and in wonder! Here I am!The Highline Trail started at the Logan Pass Visitor Center. This was a one way trip of 22 km on another hot and sunny day, how lucky for us. Any chance I got to play and cool off, I went for it! This is where my Pelican Snowflite would come in handy.

All along the Highline Trail was The Garden Wall. For much of the distance, I felt perched on the mountain side looking down onto the Going To The Sun Road, looking beside me at the wildflowers and above me at the ridges and peaks of many mountains.

The Garden!

We got to see flowers unique to the area and also similar ones to those here in Alberta. They seemed to sprout out of rocks here and there but for the most part they blanketed fields and slopes.

The Wall!

Look closely and you can see the many walls we hiked along. No. 1 shows my friends going around the corner. No. 2 shows me holding onto the green garden hose which is securely fastened to the mountain side. If you click on No. 3, you will see Adventure Designer and B's Bloke together on a rock of the wall. No. 4 shows the Going To The Sun Road below us while No. 5 gives a close up view of the weeping wall. No. 6 shows the trail we just came from. Yes, there is a trail on the side of the wall, look closely.Getting near the end after eight hours of hiking, feeling tired, thirsty, hungry and a little sore, we realized we would have to pick up the pace for the last couple of kms if we wanted to catch the last bus back to our vehicle at the Logan Pass Visitor Center. It was that or hiking back eight hours! With not a second to spare, we finally saw the parking lot through the trees. As we came out of the bush we could see the bus pulling away, luckily it was coming in our direction to leave the lot. Running towards it, waving our arms, he stopped, we boarded! Whew! We made it!

We made it through an amazing day!

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