Saturday, August 8, 2009

Guinn's Pass

Our destination is up this gully to Guinn's Pass!
Our trail followed the Galatea Creek then we veered off to the open gully which eventually led to this slope that we had to cross over!
Along the way there was much to see! If you look closely you can see the change sitting on the lower level of the Inukshuk. Wildflowers were galore, lining the entire length of the gully. I have been to Lillian Lake before and have looked down on it from the route up to the Galatea Lakes but it was nice to see it today from a brand new angle.
We made it to Guinn's Pass! We were surrounded by mountains and we could see forever in all directions! I was even able to spot Buller Pass, one of many of my favourite hikes.
Our lunch time view looking down onto Ribbon Lake! It looked glorious with the sun shining on it. We took about 30 minutes for lunch and then a few of us left our packs and carried on higher up along the Pass.
I enjoy the beauty out my front door and love when I am so close to home yet still able to experience that feeling of being "on top of the world!"


  1. Breathless landscapes. I am a sailor and for me the mountains are something of amazing and mysterious.

  2. As you are reaching Guinn's pass on the Ribbon Lake side, did you find it was harder to keep your traction do to the slop or was it not that bad? I saw it from Buller pass and it looked terrifying! Is it as steep at it looks?

  3. I wonder who you are? It was steep yet I had no problem with traction and I wasn't even wearing good hiking boots. I guess it all depends on what you consider steep and what you are use to. Just going slowly with regular short stops makes it doable!


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