Sunday, August 16, 2009

Head Examined !

If you truly could understand what we experienced today, you would probably tell us we need our heads examined! It was a sketchy adventure! After putting our heads together, we decided to head out to the Headwall Lakes and tackle them head on!In addition to the adventure being sketchy, so was the weather! Yesterday's hike was the dirtiest I ever got, well today's was the wettest I ever got! Not only was it a struggle to get up slopes, it was a struggle to keep my pants up too! They are a looser fit at the best of times but once they got soaked, the added weight dragged them down. I think I spent more time hoisting my pants up them hoisting myself up!

It took a while to reach the first Headwall Lake and the struggle to get there was all worth it. The sun shone on us here and that offered a reprieve along with pretty reflections.

To this point, not another soul was seen! Then quickly behind us came a solo trekker with his best friend, Fido. Both were on their way to ascend The Fortress, or so that was the plan. The weather rained on their parade and they both quickly returned wagging their tales between their legs. We had a consultation with the trekker because we were not sure which direction to head even after reviewing the map and my book. He sent us off on our merry way, but making sure we were aware of what was ahead!

This! A very steep up over a short distance that took an hour. I tell you, as we neared the summit, I had a melt-down moment. I said "what have I gotten myself into" and I near wolfed my cookies! G said 'not right now"! We reached the summit, it wasn't all that wide, the rain turned to sleet! I looked over the other side and it was an even steeper drop and that was where we had to go to get down. Do I need my head examined! My Mom use to tell me that when I would do something stupid! My friend lead the way, I followed so closely behind, making sure to dig in my heals and lean back. I needed him closely in front of me to block the view of this steep down. I could only see his back and my feet. Once at the bottom, I let out a sigh and hoisted up my pants which had taken a big downhill trip of their own!

When I did look around along this adventure, there was lots to see. It may not have been the sunniest and driest day but clouds can play tricks on the mountains and the moisture can make greens greener. It takes lots of water to make a beautiful waterfall....
...and a beautiful rainbow! Any day that ends with a vista like this, has to be considered golden!


  1. And you lived to tell about it..........Kudos

  2. Here's a good nickname......the 'G' Force

  3. You are hiking to some phenomenal places. Good for you!


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