Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hidden Lake, Montana

We arrived safely at the Logan Pass Visitor Center in Glacier National Park, Montana!

We made it through US Customs with no issues other than a longer line up then expected. As we got closer to the Park, it was easy to tell this was a tourist destination and it was a weekend. We parked a piece down the winding road, geared up and Clements Mountain was our view as we walked up to the Visitor Center for our meet up spot. Hidden Lake was today's destination! We hiked along boardwalks, groomed paths then trails surrounded by wild flowers, mountains and mountain sheep with no lake in sight. I was in awe of the beauty of my surroundings and still not quite believing I was where I was!

The plan was to see and visit a lake but where was it! We carried on, being entertained by the mountain sheep and now also the mountain goats. I was doing twirls looking and enjoying everything and then all of a sudden, during one twirl out of the corner of my eye, I saw it hidden down below in the trees, there it was Hidden Lake! Tiny, blue to start. As we got closer, it grew and grew. We made our way down to it and stopped for a visit, for lunch and to cool our feet.

Only four hours south from home, it was far enough that the mountains would look different and it would feel different.

We were in a different country! We are welcome here! They fly our flag! Being summer, we got to see the new born from the spring. Being summer, it was hot and not only humans tried to cool off. Being summer, wild flowers were galore!

What a great introduction to what hiking would be like here in Glacier National Park.

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