Sunday, May 17, 2009

Two Weeks From Today!

It will be all over and that can't come soon enough! That sums up how I am feeling right about now! I'm ready to get on with my summer and my life.

This morning's run was my last quasi long one! I didn't pay as much attention to the pre-run logistics for this one as I did last Sunday. My feet hit the pavement around 8:15 am and 1:55 later I had covered 18km which ciphers out to a pace of 6:22 min/km. I'll take that! It felt comfortable and effortless.

I tried wearing my Forerunner 305 over top of a wrist sweat band and that turned out being the cats pyjamas. On the lengthy runs, the watch was sweating on my wrist and was a distraction.

I stuck with my post-run ritual of slurping down my recovery drink, soaking my feet in cold water then elevating them while I had some one on one time with my sofa. That seems to be what gives me that "happy feet" feeling!

The tall orders are all taken care off! All that's left on my plate are a handful of short runs.


  1. Two weeks! Hard to believe! Hope you aren't too taper mad!!

  2. you know I tried the sweat band thing too!! it didn't feel quite right for me, but I finally found a notch that sits ok on my wrist


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