Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dress Rehearsal

This weekend is my dress rehearsal! Tomorrow is my last looonnng run before the official day. Then it's taper time and next weekend will be about 20km but relatively speaking, that will seem like a shorter run. I am going through the motions today of what I plan to do on the 30th and I have my plan in place for tomorrow which will be my rehearsal for the 31st. I'm trying to do whatever I can to give myself a fair chance and to try and get as many unknowns out of the way as possible.

I always wanted a running skirt! I can remember talking with my friends about eight to ten years ago that there should be running skirts. This was long before they made their debut. I found one this morning that had my name on it. After reading many reviews on skirts, it seems they have improved over the last little while and it's about time I became an owner of the one with my name on it. Only time will tell if it will work for me!

Hhmm...I wonder if there is such a thing as a hiking skirt!


  1. Running skirts ROCKS!

    They make you feel like a pretty runner and I will never go back to tight shorts.... that make my ass looks huge hahaha

    So did you try it on your LSD this week??

    I think a hiking skirt would be great too haha

  2. If you buy a longer 'athletic skirt' it would be great for hiking too! MEC even makes a few cool skort-type skirts that would work as well!

  3. Love the skirt! Every time I wear shorts these days I wonder why I didn't just go for a skirt instead. They are so much more comfortable!


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