Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Getting Around & "B" Buddies

What a great day to be out in the great outdoors! My lunch break was spent on pathways and my dinner break was spent on trails.

Usually my noon hour run is made up of just hills or just flat out running. I mixed it up today and included both. I got the hill section out of the way first and then coasted for the balance of the run. This was the first time I ever ran up the Center Street Bridge and onto McHugh Bluff and up that hill. That was what kept my overall pace at a slower pace. It was a slow and steady grind! I knew once I made it to the top I could fly down the other side and then set sail.

I still haven't tried the heart rate monitor part of my Forerunner but wish I had it on today only to see what the downloaded information would look like. Just after 10th Street behind that old little building, there would have been a gigantic peak in the heart rate graph. You see, a snake slithered across the path right at my feet. I could feel my heart at the tip of my tongue and I stopped dead in my tracks! I enjoyed today's run and didn't want it to end because that only meant, it was time to head back to the concrete jungle. Today's stats looked like this: Distance: 6.7 km, Time: 42:35. Pace 6:20 min/km.

It's a large city but such a small world! This evening I tried out the orienteering at Edworthy Park as suggested by Karen who is my "Blogging Buddie". "B" A coordinator from the group that I do hiking with put the event out there for those that wanted to give it a try. As it turns out "B" and Karen are "Bus Buddies"! When we realized this small world and that our acquaintance was intertwined, Karen referred to it as two degrees of separation! Here we are after running and walking and strolling along trails, through bushes, up hills then down again and along dirt paths and over railroad tracks. That's me, B and Karen holding maps we needed to find our way.
It was a fun day being active and outdoors!


  1. Yup, Centre St bridge and mcHugh Bluff are great places to get some hill training in. That is where I go all the time!

  2. When I first started reading and getting to know you through your blog, I figured we'd eventually meet in person at a running race. The orienteering gave our meeting an interesting twist, with my bus buddy there!

    Nice to meet you, finally!

  3. Don't worry the snake was doing orienteering too!


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